2009 BHAFB Post-game Recap - Air Force 47, Houston 20

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 GAME VIDEO – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l0ST1woCAY

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MOST VALUABLE PLAYERSAIR FORCE, Asher Clark, RB, 5-8, 185, Soph., Lawrenceville, GA, 17 rushes, 129 yards, 2 TDS, 1 pass reception, 8 yards; HOUSTON, Tyron Carrier, WR, 5-8, 163, Soph., Houston, TX, 1 rush, 16 yards, 5 pass receptions, 31, yards, 79-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT AWARD – Quotes from Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff – pdfAdmiralQuotes

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