Improv & the Golden Hurricane

By Andrea Masenda

Fort Worth's Four Day Weekend Theatre was filled from front to back by the Golden Hurricane from Tulsa Wednesday night for a night of improvisational comedy. The theatre, which once hosted baseball legend Nolan Ryan, has been a historic attraction in the city of Fort Worth for nearly 15 years.

Completely improvised from start to finish, the show began with one of the six founding members, David Wilk, playing the role of a motivational speaker, who chose the wife of senior deep snapper and newlywed Bo Abbott from the crowd as his initial subject of conversation. Wilk used a combination of song, wit and a dash of humor to have the crowd rubbing their bellies in pure hysteria.

"I thought it was funny, I was surprised that I got picked, but I don't mind the jokes," Kristen Abbott said, who had introduced herself as "team wife" because she and Bo are the only married couple on the team.

Junior linebacker and Arlington, Texas native DeAundre Brown was the next team member summoned to the stage, although he was still reeling back from his on-stage participation the previous night at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth. Brown played the role of a citizen accompanying a Fort Worth police officer, taking to the streets to stop crime.

"It was pretty fun, we came in there, looking for something fun to do, and I ended up getting chosen," Brown said. "I've been getting chosen the whole week for everything, but I enjoyed it."

The interactive, laughable atmosphere was only accelerated when the crew of six funny men performed an impromptu conversation amongst one another using only memorable quotes from the Hurricane locker room. After a spin-off of America's Got Talent, the cast members’ debuted country, hip-hop and rhythm and blues songs dedicated to topics the teammates had placed into a "suggestion box" prior to the start of the show.

Alec Henry, 6-foot-4 freshman offensive guard also took center stage, playing "big brother" and played a game of pass on stage while discussing his background, favorite hobbies and favorite music.

The laughs continued on through the duration of the show and the cast of Four Day Weekend left the pack from Tulsa comically satisfied. Whether it was the improv songs, unexpected crowd selections or the close to home references, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane hysteria echoed loudly throughout the multi-level building Wednesday night in Fort Worth.