Air Force Wins the Pep Rally

By Drew and Charity Chambers

This whole week full of events and festivities came to an end with a BIG bang as the pep rally filled Flying Saucer's venue and brought all of downtown Fort Worth out to see what was going on. 
The night started off with numerous Rice fans flooding East 3rd Street in Downtown Fort Worth on Friday night. They looked to pump up their team even more for tomorrow’s game. Rice’s band, which is better known as “The Mob”, performed the best they could to show they had more spirit than The Air Force Academy. Their music could be heard throughout every part of Downtown Fort Worth. The Mob is far from an ordinary band as every member dressed differently, ranging from: cartoon hats, Abraham Lincoln hats, bow ties, shades, suits. You name it, they had it on. The Rice cheerleaders danced to the music with smiles on their faces the whole time. The Rice fans couldn’t help but bob their heads, tap their feet, and clap along as their band played familiar tunes. 
Contrary to Rice, it seemed like not too many people outside of the Air Force Academy’s families and friends made the trip to downtown Fort Worth for the pep rally. Every time someone called for the fans to yell it seemed like Rice outdid the Air Force Academy. 
However, the spirit and liveliness of the Air Force fans present and drum and bugle corps brought chills and shivers to the audience’s body (more so than the fact of it being a little cold outside). Cheerleaders did above average stunts in a crowded area and the drum and bugle corps performed dances that showed the joy that senior linebacker Alex Means mentioned he had for playing in the game.
The big splash for Air Force was their final song, and the final song of the night. The drum and bugle corps performed the popular "Party Rock Anthem" complete with dance moves. That sums up the night for the Air Force Falcons.
Thursday night the two teams faced off in a little fun playing minute to win it games. Rice won it by a margin of 3-1. In tonight's pep rally with the conclusion of “Party Rock Anthem” it’s concluded that Air Force evened the score of spirit competitions 1-1. Tomorrow morning we are looking at a winner takes all football game. 
More importantly, the fun and games do not stop here as tomorrow’s halftime events include the swearing in of newest members of the military, the presentation of the Great American Patriot Award and many more events, because overall this is more than a bowl game.