Bo Notes

By Bo Carter,

Saturday's 10th annual Bell helicopter Armed Forces Bowl featured some of the
top pregame pageantry of the 2012-13 bowl season.
Some of the people, sights and sounds included:

-Former Air Forec and Rice head coach Ken Hatfield. "You see what hat I'm
wearing? I have on my AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) hat. I guess
I'm going to have to sit in the end zone." Coach Hatfield joined both schools'
staffs in pregame visits.
-Former Baylor, Rice and Air Force administrator Dr. Dick Ellis joined Coach
Hatfield in sideline visitation. Dr. Ellis, a 1968 Air Force grad and former
combat pilot in Vietnam, worked in athletics or kinesiology at the three schools
as well as Arkansas (with Coach Hatfield) for over 40 years. he was director of
athletics at Baylor and served in several administrative capacities over two
decades in Rice athletics.
-Lee Emery, the popular "Gunny" of movies and television, rode his Victory
Motorcycle onto the field to present the game ball to referee Matt Loeffler.
-Double amputee Dana Bowman was among the parachutists (grand finale) and
airjumped a 1,500-foot American flag into Amon G. Carter Stadium for the
National Anthem.
-Commander Hank Kim of the USS Fort Worth sang the National Athem accompanied by
the 36th Division Band from Austin, Texas.
-An inspiring F-16 flyover after the anthem gave the crowd quite a jolt and
thrill at the end of the National Anthem.
-2012 BHAFB Great American Patrito Award recipient Ge. (Ret.) USAF mainstay
Norton A. Schwartz will eb recognized at halftime.