Camaraderie is the name of the game.

By Andrea Masenda,

Camaraderie is the name of the game.

Going into its tenth year, the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl’s week of events are designed to bring teammates together while also providing the opportunity to enjoy the best that Fort Worth has to offer.

“We all love this bowl, Connor Dietz, senior quarterback, said. “Everybody here treats us really well and all of the accommodations are first-class. So we love it and we’re thankful to be back.”

The Air Force Falcons kicked off their night at Four Day Weekend, an improvisational comedy club in the heart of Sundance Square. Four Day Weekend has been a staple of Fort Worth entertainment for more than a decade.

“This bowl game does a good job of putting on these functions and events,” Alex Means, senior outside linebacker, said. “All these guys have a pretty good time.
What sets Four Day Weekend apart from the rest and makes it an epitome of team bonding is that most of the laughs shared during the performance were only understood by the teammates. Based loosely on inside jokes and team quotes, the Falcons were laughing out of their seats during the performance.
After the hour of laughs, the Air Force Falcons enjoyed a rooftop dinner together at Reata on Sundance Square. Reata is a premier dining destination in Cowtown and the intimate atmosphere offered the team a chance to unwind, laugh, and simply enjoy one another’s company.
 Drew Coleman, senior wide-receiver from Cedar Park, TX, said he agrees with many of the remarks he heard prior regarding the bowl game hospitality.

“The hospitality has been great; it’s just nice getting some time to spend with my teammates and coaches,” Coleman said.
Again, camaraderie is the name of the game.
With jokes and dinner aside, Dietz remains focused on capitalizing his career with Air Force with his team, one last time.
 “I’m excited about strapping on the gear one last time with my brothers,” Dietz said. “We’ve played every game together for four years so I’m excited for one more opportunity.