Earning Theismann's Respect

By Drew Chambers, www.armedforcesbowl.com

Air Force Academy cadets entered in the luncheon room and gathered for a
very special event. Veterans, wounded warriors, current enlisted as well as
family of all of the afore stated all joined together to listen to Joe Theismann
speak about what this game is all about.

As is the motto for this bowl every year, it is “more than a bowl game”, and
Theisman spoke about exactly that stating at key times that athletes such as
himself are not the heroes, rather the military, the police force, the fire
department, and all the service forces are today’s true heroes of the world.

Brian Lindsay senior defensive back for Air Force Academy said that it was an
honor to know that people such as Joe Theisman truly respect the job that he
will go into after college.

“It’s cool with someone like [Joe Theismann],” Lindsay said. “Someone that a
lot of people look up to respects us for what we’re going to do.”

The luncheon started off with introducing the head table where officials from
each school sat and both head coaches got a chance to say something to their
team as well as to the fans and what this bowl is all about.

Theismann truly enjoyed his time in Fort Worth and the whole bowl experience
saying the only other bowl game he’d rather go to is the National Championship
where his alma matter Notre Dame face Alabama.

“There’s only one other place I’d rather be,” Theismann said. “This bowl game
is what America is about.”

Overall the Air Force cadets enjoyed the whole time from the speakers to the
time together and even the food. Senior defensive lineman Nick DeJulio said he
wanted more.

“Lunch was delicious,” DeJulio said. “I enjoyed it. I wish I had another plate

The next event is the Pep Rally, which is the last event that will take place
before the bowl game, it is scheduled to be at Flying Saucer this evening at