No Ordinary Day at Reata's, Four Day Weekend

Charity Chambers,

December 27th was no ordinary day for Fort Worth’s Reata Restaurant and Four Day Weekend Improvisational Comedy, as they warmly welcomed the 2012 Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl teams (The Rice Owls & The Air Force Falcons) to their venues.

After their last day of practice before the game, The Owls were glad to spend a night of relaxation and just let loose a little with their teammates.

The players and coaches night began at one of Fort Worth’s finest restaurants: Reata.  They were treated to a nicely prepared wedge salad with their choice of an 8 oz. sirloin, or a grilled chicken breast. And to top it off, apple crisp was served for dessert.

After dinner was served, they walked right next door to, what some may call, “The funniest comedy club in the nation”, Four Day Weekend.  Music filled the theater as players began walking in. Some players couldn’t help but dance upon hearing the music, which led them to have a short dance-off on stage. They were having a great time just being in one another’s company and letting loose. This was truly their time of relaxation.

All throughout the show, the theater was filled with numerous of laughs, chuckles, and claps from the football players as they thoroughly enjoyed the performances by Four day Weekend.

The Rice Owls have made life-long memories with their teammates while attending numerous of attractions in Fort Worth throughout the week. This is definitely a week they will never forget.