Air Force Player Quotes, December 28 at Omni Fort Worth Hotel

Quarterback Karson Roberts

What have you seen from Cal defensively?

"They are really good defensively. They are very athletic and are big up front. They are big in the secondary and linebacker level as well. We are going to have to go execute our stuff out there, make the right reads and put them on the ground in terms of cut blocks.

Playing in MWC, do you see this type of defense often?

"We have seen similar styles, but in terms of personal they are a very athletic group. They play in the Pac-12 Conference and have some very athletic guys there, probably more so than the Mountain West and the players we have seen. It will be a good challenge for us.

How has this week gone for you personally?

"It is has been fun. As a team we have really enjoyed it. We would have liked to have had a different outcome against San Diego State, but we have come a long way and overcome some injuries and pulled together as a unit.

Feel like a reward for a good season?

"This is a very good bowl, they take very good care of us here. It is in Texas, which is my home state, which is pretty nice. It has been a fun week for sure."

Senior Defensive Linemen Alex Hansen: Air Force career leader with 35.5 TFL and 15.0 sacks

On the chance to face a Pac-12 program in the Armed Forces Bowl:

“We’re really excited that we’re able to take a shot against Cal, they’re a great team, so we’re ready for this opportunity to represent Air Force against a good Pac-12 school.”

How are you preparing for Jared Goff and Cal’s offense?

“We’re going through our ordinary preparations. We know [Jared] can execute and make plays at a high level, so we’re doing our same thing and making sure that we’re always fully aware of what he is capable of, and what the whole team is capable of.

After dropping back-to-back games to end your regular-season schedule, how are you building up momentum to take into this game?

Obviously this game means a lot to us, and I think it just goes back to what we do every day. We need to execute, we need to work hard and make sure that we keep our heads up in this game. We’ve had a lot of time off, so we’ll see how we return to our fundamentals in this game. It’s going to be a total effort from all of us, playing hard and doing what we need to do.”