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 Covering the Bowl Game.

 For media wishing to cover the 2018 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl, the credential application will be available here in November.

 The official media hotel for this year is the Courtyard Marriott Blackstone Hotel in Fort Worth, located at 601 Main Street. 


Air Force post-game quotes

COACH CALHOUN:  First of all, just really extend our gratitude to the City of Fort Worth and the great, great job that the people do here with this bowl game.  And, I mean, just class in every way, the activities they have for the participants, just all the organization, the communication, and the way ‑‑ really what they're all about. I don't think you'd ever be a part of a bowl game that represents more of something that's a little bit like the slogan they use. It's so much more than football.

Cal post-game quotes

COACH DYKES:  It felt good to win. I thought the way we played today was really indicative of the way we practiced leading up to the game. I was really pleased with the way we focused. We started practicing the week after the Arizona State game. And it's a long way away when you start thinking about practicing. You have about a month between that game and this game. 

Viable & Relevant

By Troy Phillips,

Generally, the football part of the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl takes care of itself. More often, competitive matchups and intriguing fourth quarters - including Houston’s wild comeback a year ago to win 35-34 - have kept the game more than watchable at home.

But as the event moves well into its second decade, keeping a bowl game established and fresh continues to be a challenge. With the count of bowl games now at 40 and the need to add 5-7 teams this year to fill them all, bowl saturation is here.

Falcons ready to Cal test

By Art Garcia,
Air Force quarterback Karson Roberts expects a stiff challenge from Cal's defense once the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl gets underway Tuesday.
"They are really good defensively," Roberts said. "They are very athletic and are big up front. They are big in the secondary and linebacker level, as well. We are going to have to go execute our stuff out there, make the right reads and put them on the ground in terms of cut blocks."