Press Conference Quotes: Players

San Diego State – CB Kameron Kelly


What’s going through your mind for the game?

“I’m getting those butterflies already. You know, I’m ready, Army is a good team. We are really trying to stop the quarterback.”


What does it mean for your team for Rashaad's (Penny) last game?

He’s the heart and soul of our team. We all rally behind him. I try to be the emotional leader, but we all follow Rashaad’s lead and so we want to send him out the right way.”


What do you think of Army’s team?

They are the most physical team we played all year. That’s going to be the biggest thing for us to get used to. The quarterback he’s probably one of the best rushing quarter backs I’ve played against my whole four years here.


San Diego State – RB Rashaad Penny 


What does it mean for you to go out for a game like this?

It already put a cap on my season when I heard we were playing against Army. I have so much respect for the military schools. I’m a big fan of how they play. These guys are going to bring a great intensity to the game.”


Can you talk about your special season?

My teammates and coaches have been motivating me since last fall. They made it special for me this season. I can’t thank them enough.”


Do you think you’ll get choked up after your last game?

“I think I’ll be happy. I have to give one back to San Diego for what they’ve done for me. I’m so excited to go off in this type of fashion. Because I’m playing against a team that’s greatly respected. It’s going to be a tough game and that’s what I was looking for the whole time. I can’t wait. It’s going to be fun and exciting.”


Army West Point - DE John Voit

Can you talk about the opportunity to play in this game?

“It’s a great opportunity to be down here again. We’re playing a great team this year in San Diego State, and we couldn’t be any happier with our selection. We’ve got a great game plan and we can’t wait until Saturday.”


What are the challenges of playing SDSU's Rashaad Penny?

“We haven’t played a guy like that of his caliber yet this year, so he’s a huge challenge for us but we’re going to try to slow him down and do the best we can. He’s great between the tackles. He’s fast and does everything so well. You can only hope to slow him down. I don’t know what he averages a game but I’m sure it’s high so maybe we can keep him below that average and keep him out of the endzone hopefully we’ll do pretty well.”



Army West Point - QB Ahmad Bradshaw

What is it like playing quarterback for Army?

“In high school I probably threw it more in a game than I do in a season here. It was definitely different. I’m the type of player that if I’m playing basketball or football, whatever we need to do the most to win, that’s what I’m attracted to. If we run the ball every time here and we don’t throw it and that’s what we need to do to win, that’s what I’ll do. It’s not that we can’t do it; I just think we’re better at running the ball.”


“It surprises me when we throw it honestly. Most of the game I can kind of predict what play we’re going to call next based on down and distance and I can never guess the pass. That’s the only thing I can’t guess.”


What have you seen from the SDSU defense?

“San Diego State has a great defense. They’re going to line up in a bunch of different looks and do a bunch of things we haven’t seen before. That’s going to be the most difficult thing for us to kind of understand where they’re at on the field. Most teams we play line up and stay in one defense or maybe two. But San Diego State has a bunch of different defenses. That’s the challenge they give to people that they’re like, ‘I’m not going to be here the next time out of the huddle so you better find me.’"